Weld Problem Solving
Failures of Procedure Qualification Test Plates are expensive and frustrating to a fabricator. The cause of these failures range from simple misfits of the plates to a bead size and sequencing issue. Materials scientists, stress analysts, and failure analysts with hands-on experience are needed to solve weldment problems. Daily welding problems involving visual weld quality rejections should not be blamed totally on the welder. There may be other causes stemming from the transfer type, position, preheat or base metal contamination that are not readily identifiable. It can be extremely expensive to solve these problems by trial-and-error methods.

  • Structural evaluations
  • Distortion problems

Weld Failure Analysis

O'Donnell Consulting provides weldment failure mode investigations using an interdisciplinary approach using metallurgical evaluations along with residual stress, fracture, and fatigue evaluations. Joint design, weld metal type, process details, lack of fusion, undercutting, porosity, inclusions, and other weldment imperfections are evaluated.

  • Inspection and analysis of weld defects
  • Metallographic analysis of welds
  • Legal Interpretation of Code requirements and liability

O'Donnell Consulting offers solutions to your welding problems. We use three-dimensional finite element analysis modeling and fracture mechanics to quantify critical issues. We provide shop welder training and technique development to resolve problems. Our staff includes Professional Weld Engineers, AWS Certified Welding Inspectors and welding experts with hands on shop floor industrial experience. We offer practical solutions to difficult problems.

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